Typical – industrial sewing machines to different sewing enterprises

This brand is getting more confidence with every month. Typical specialises in produce sewing machines to different applications. Typical begin activity in Europe (in German Kaiserslautern) in 2009. It is subsidiary of the Chinese Xi’an Typical Industries Co. Ltd. In Europe company exist as the Xi´an TYPICAL Europe GmbH

Huge stock of sewing machines

Main part of Typical company is located in Germany, where qualified employers share KNOW-HOW with theirs partners. Beside the comprehensive knowledge in the matter of sewing technology, company has big technical infrastructure.

In Germany engineers, technicians and designers introduce innovations which improve work with sewing machines. New devices are still designed. Older models are imporved.

There is huge sewing machines and parts stock. It enables fast service and delivery. Every partner has possibility of immediately access to products.

Industrial sewing machines to different applications

There is lots of different products in Typical offer: industrial sewing machines to light, medium and hard sewing, one and two needle lockstitches, overlocks, stretch sewing machines, buttonhole, eyelet and button mounting machines, post-bed and cylinder-bed sewing machines, longarm, fur and leather skiving machines and another specialist sewing machines to different applications.